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AeroCore is designed to be a modular GNC system. Targeting autonomous systems including but not limited to fixed-wing or multi-rotor platforms. It is comprised of a base board(AeroBase) and modular M.2 SOMs(SOM Cores) together they form the AeroCore platform.


  • Modular & Extensible design
  • Embedded Linux 5.0+ for Guidance and Navigation
  • MCU for Actuator Control
  • WiFi support + SSH
  • OTA MCU firmware updates

Hardware Requirements

  • Standard set of sensors (e.g. IMU, barometer)
  • Expansion and interface capabilities via various IOs.
  • Power distribution for servos.
  • Camera Video OSD output to VTX (if applicable)
  • Actuator Control loop >= 1KHz
  • Guidance/Navigation loop >= 100Hz

Available SOM Cores

  • RP2040 SOM Core (Control)
  • ESP32-S3 SOM Core (Guidance/Navigation)
  • NXP i.MXRT1062 SOM Core (Guidance/Navigation)
  • Many more to come...

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